I have known and worked with BufordHawthorne for over twenty years, and with every project, I have found them to be focused on the client experience, exacting in their attention, and driven to outperform all expectations. They are the standard by which I measure all other contractors.
— Bob Borson, Principal FAIA LEED AP Malone Maxwell Borson Architects

What makes a “dream home“ are the dreams it enables a family to fulfill. When a physical structure allows a family to spend more and closer time together, that’s the dream, the ideal. That’s what you gave us, Barry. Thank you for the lifetime of family meals and celebrations we will enjoy together.
— Lisa R.

BufordHawthorne and their extraordinary team of subcontractors and suppliers have allowed us to achieve a myriad of highly specialized architectural details with an elevated level of craftsmanship and quality. Their willingness to fully understand and embrace the design intent of the project results in the full realization of our vision for our client. Working with BufordHawthorne has set the bar for collaboration with contractors, and has been the high point of my professional experience.
— Michael Malone FAIA, Founding Principal Malone Maxwell Borson Architects

Your level of professional commitment and dedication to building a unique and quality home make for a really enjoyable experience. Shari has commented many times that she was sad the project came to an end because she was going to miss her weekly meeting with you. How often do you hear a comment like that about someone’s home builder!
— Lance V. L.

We always appreciate the opportunity to work with Barry and his team for the construction of our residential projects. Barry executes the construction of our design/construction documents with thoughtful care and precision. He pursues excellence, guiding his craftsmen and sub-contractors to perform at their best, resulting in a beautiful home for our clients.
— Bruce Bernbaum, A.I.A.

You have made our dream a reality and we will be forever grateful. You and Gabe made it absolutely pleasant, timely, professional, and wonderful for us. Thank you for your attention to detail, your neatness, your patience, and the high expectations you hold for your craftsmen and their work. It shows everywhere and we never once lost a wink of sleep worrying about anything on your end. You and Gabe bring special qualities that truly set you apart from any other builders or companies.
— Dina and Rod

We love to serve our community.