Luciano (Lucy) Rojas |  Ramer Concrete

Decorative Concrete Crew Leader. 36 impressive years at job.
2 kids. 5 grandkids. Loves his family. 

Jimmy Washington  |  Moore Disposal

Truck Driver. 36 remarkable years at job. Loves the Cowboys and Bingo.

Tony Alanis  |  Alanis Irrigation
Irrigator. Golfer. Loves his Chihauhau. (Takes him everywhere.)

Rocky Carter  |  Miller Services Co.
HVAC Contractor Manager. Builder. House flipper. Most happy when volunteering at church.

Ernesto Ramirez  |  Riddell Plumbing
Plumbing Supervisor. Professional dancer. Artist. Guitarist. Cook. (Man of many talents.)

Tim Morgan  |  Tim Morgan Cabinets
Cabinet Maker. Dog-lover. Family guy. Holds a Masters Degree in Construction Management.

Billy Pettigrew |  Pettigrew Iron & Steel (left)
Steel Worker. Fisherman. Eager church volunteer.

Lee Pettigrew |  Pettigrew Iron & Steel (right)
Steel Worker. Water skier. Snow skier. 

Eric DeLeon  |  Eric DeLeon Drywall
Drywall Contractor. Dog-lover and rescuer (to Snuggles and Farah).

Ricky Kelley  |  Paul Jackson Painting
Painter. Part-time cowboy. (The guy owns 120 cattle.)

Tristen Hopper  |  Creative Roofing
Roofing Foreman. Music lover. Passionate vinyl record collector.

Ramiro Sanchez  |  Optimum Marble
Marble and Granite Fabricator. Immigrant. Been working with marble for over 30 years.

Howie Burkhalter  |  Howie Burkhalter Electric
Master Electrician. Performer. First tenor. Owns a 35-pound cat.

Greg Ashford  |  Smart Homes
AV and Lighting Control Specialist. Husband. Proud dad of hockey player.

Jimmy Carroll |  Glass Doctors
Fabricator. State BBQ competition 4th place winner. (He’s serious about BBQ.)

Juan Montelongo  |  Horizon Wood Concepts
Finish Carpenter. Cook. Loves a good Mariachi band.

Omar Gardea, Jr.  |  Omar Tree Service
Aborist. Cook. Live sports and music fan.


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