Pre-Construction: Laying the Groundwork

Building a home to our high standards of refinement and attention to detail requires thorough collaboration with all design professionals on the project.

Our process begins with a meeting between BufordHawthorne, the architect, the structural engineer, the interior designer, the landscape designer, the lighting designer, the audio-visual technician and the HVAC specialist. Once all specifications have been collectively reviewed and established, BufordHawthorne finalizes the estimate and oversees the approved budget. Our fee is based solely on a percentage of the total construction cost, with no management charges. This initial planning and collaboration phase establishes the foundation for a smooth process for our clients and partners, and helps to eliminate any unwanted surprises.

Additionally, BufordHawthorne is responsible for all materials and labor management. We select and hire the most highly skilled, most qualified craftspeople to ensure that all approved plans are executed exactly as intended. We verify that they have the necessary insurance and contracts, and a thorough understanding of the expectations for the each project. Lastly, we make sure the most appropriate materials are purchased, and we manage the funding.


Construction: Digging In

Once construction begins, BufordHawthorne coordinates every step of the project.

Our primary focus at this stage is managing the day-to-day intricacies of the construction site and keeping our clients apprised of progress along the way via regular updates and scheduled client site visits. Our project managers orchestrate the work-flow of the numerous crews, closely supervise the quality, and keep a watchful eye on the schedule and budget.

Stringent financial stewardship is key to our client’s peace of mind and to keeping everything moving. Each project has a dedicated checking account, and copies of all invoices are submitted to the homeowners on a monthly basis, ensuring full transparency. We confirm that all lien waivers are signed, pay all invoices in a timely manner — only after the work is completed to our satisfaction — and update clients on cost implications of any requested changes in writing, so they can be assured of accurate pricing.   

Completion: From a House to “Home”

While turning over the keys to a new home is an exciting milestone in the process, it is not the end of our relationship with our clients.

In addition to offering a superior warranty on every home we build, BufordHawthorne values our client relationships far beyond the final punch list. We offer concierge services and maintenance guidance to ensure that our clients enjoy their home long after construction is complete, and we can initiate service when needed. Our goal is to have customers so delighted with the quality and craftsmanship of their new home that they refer us to their friends and family — or even allow us to build a second or third home for them.

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See more of Belclaire Avenue


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